Surreal Sundays is here

Story: Tia Tuovinen
Don’t you just hate the gloomy, doomed feeling of Sundays - Nowhere to go and nothing to do except for wait for the next work loaded week to come? The salvation, also known as Surreal Sundays, is here to save us all!

A group of students from different programs felt that there is not much to do on Sundays in Tampere. We wanted a change so we did something to make things better.

Surreal Sundays is a club with dj’s, bands and all the usual club features, but it is also something much more. From the creativity of our art-oriented minds we have come up with things like video installations, art and contests that your regular pub doesn’t have.

Come see what else is there, meet the most interesting people in town, relax and enjoy the last hours of the week!

The club is planned to take place monthly with changing themes. Like us on Facebook!
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The author is a student of the Degree Programme in Media