Experimental short films @ Spede!

Dr. Christopher Hales

Experimental short films @ Spede
Friday January 21st
Screening starts at 15:30

Finlaysoninkatu 7 Tampere
Spede (2nd floor)
Story and pics: Albert van Zyl

Bring some popcorn and let us entertain you with some weird film stuffs!

The IMPs along with a whole bunch of exchange students have been graced by an internationally renowned specialist in ‘interactive moving image’; Chris Hales of SmartLab based in the UK. Chris came here to be the conducter in the first of four workshops about future film. For the first couple of days we immersed ourselves in the old and new of different visual styles in film, both experimental and mainstream. We discussed how they were made and what the reasons were behind these different styles of filmmaking.

Camera - Action

After that we set off in small groups to make our own experimental short films. We were given free hands to do whatever we felt like and use our creativity to the max within a very limited amount of time. Chris helped and gave his input, but still refrained from limiting our ideas. I haven't seen my classmates' creations yet, but some of the ideas seemed quite ambitious and I hope they managed to accomplish what they set out to do in these last 2 days.

Come and check the screening at 15:30 in Spede to find out what we came up with.
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