Photography of Karoliina Paappa in exhibitions in South Korea and Germany

From "Girl Is A Harsh Mouth" by Karoliina Paappa
Story: Mari Ljokkoi
To become an artist requires more than just taking art lessons in school. It is crucial to take part in art exhibitions already as a student and while getting works shown, one gets to know how the art world works. The best way to make this happen is to have unique style and a strong will to work with it. It is possible to work with ones own work on school courses as well as along the courses. This way, during the school years, the student ends up having art works he or she can offer to exhibitions. 

Karoliina Paappa is a last year student of fine arts. However, this year the degree work exhibition is not the only occasion where her works can be seen. Karoliina Paappa´s photography works are included in two international exhibitions and her animation was presented at the Reik√§reuna film festival.

At the moment, Karoliina Paappa has a photography opus included in the Inter-cool 3.0 exhibition in Dortmund, Germany. Next, her photos will be shown in the Daegu Photo Biennale – 2010 International Young Photographers Exhibition in Daegu, South Korea. Last may during the school´s internationality week Walter Bergmoser, the curator of Daegu Photo Biennale, received a pile of DVD-portfolios that presented the works of the students at TTVO. After the pre-selection the organization contacted Paappa and asked, if she was willing to submit her works to the exhibition in case she was chosen. The exhibition, opening in October, will be showing three photography series by her.

In the spring there will be an exhibition in the Alkovi –gallery in Helsinki by artist group Route Couture, which Paappa is also a member of.  In addition, Paappa is currently working on a series of photographs that will be her degree work. It looks like a busy year. Taking part in the exhibitions is nevertheless a result of a long-span work. The fact that during her last year of studies she has had works included in various grand exhibitions, only shows that the hard work done during previous years really has started to pay off now.