Great opportunity for great talents - The Swan Lake Award

The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Awards, short SL:MIMA, is an international short film competition which is exclusively organized by students on behalf of the University of Applied Science Mittweida (Germany).

No later than November 21st 2010 everyone can hand in their film in the categories "digital film", "animated film" and "interactive film". The choice of topics is free, but every film will be created on the basis of a modern piece of music, which will be chosen out of a pool of contemporary piano music.

The best entries will be adjudicate by a top class international panel. Oscar-winner Jan A. P. Kaczmarek is the patron of the competition, whose submissions award a prize to international stars of the creative branch. A public award will be granted in co-operation with the online platform “”.

This prize includes the start-up financing of the following project of the winner and will help support future talents by developing their skills. The event will take place from January 10th to January 12th 2011. Besides the presentation of the awards there will be workshops, open space events and certainly an after-show party full of visual experiments.

For participation a registration for free at and the assortment of a modern piece of piano music out of a pool of the partner portal is necessary.

More information for the project you'll find at
Stella, student at FH Mittweida, is doing her international exchange period at TAMK

TAMK is a member of the SL:MIMA international network.
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