Designing card games

Story: Emma Kiiski
Everyone plays them, right? Or are they too old-fashioned? The Card Game Workshop in TTVO held by the Swedish game designer Erik Svedäng challenged enthusiastic students to create their own games.

Mr. Svedäng gave us the idea that no one isn’t interested into card games anymore, so they have to be developed and brought back. The workshoppers divided in 4 groups and got a movie to create a simple card game about.

The very first group got the most laughs by randomly picking Twilight to be their card game theme.  Eventually their game was about collecting for example glitter (which is really Twilight-styled.) Other games were about the movies Around the World in 80 Days, Terminator and Robin Hood. You can only imagine what superior games there were created in the Workshop compared to the old traditional ones!

All of the games turned out to be slightly different from each other which was yet surprising but also entertaining. They were tested by the professional and he seemed to be pretty amused. He also got lucky and won 3 of 4 rounds! Beginner’s luck…

Erik Svedäng and the properties of a playing card
Creating a card game in such a small amount of time was really challenging. We had to think about the logic and functionality of the game and test it every once in a while to see how it worked the best. But the main thing: It was lots of fun!

Emma is Degree Programme in Media student, one of the IMPs