Business Theme Day filled the seats and stairs

Story and photo: Emma Kiiski
The main campus of TAMK got the Grand Auditorium filled to the last seats (and floor too!) on Thursday. It’s not too surprising; the last people having their humorous presentation were Tuomas Milonoff and Riku Rantala from the popular TV show The Madventures. Sadly only in Finnish!

It was obvious that it had been thought carefully, who were presenting their ideas. Everyone had success in their business lives. A known ice-hockey coach Jukka Jalonen brought some different aspect to the afternoon. He talked about how to manage a team work functionally, which is important information while running a business.

It was also interesting to hear some of the presentation holders’ personal life. It gave the stories some spice. They talked about their businesses. There was also interesting information about Ensimetri. It’s a company that gives some advice to people (especially students!) that they can found their own companies.

The obvious highlight of the evening was of course these two guys, who created the popular TV show The Madventures. They really had a good attitude about their work. Making money wasn’t their main goal. They want to bring the cultural knowledge to people and do what they desire to do.

The afternoon’s theme was about the courage the students should have to found their own companies. The presentations were very encouraging. All the people telling about their work thought it is important not to give up. There are going to be problems ahead, but just don’t give up.

It’s not going to be easy to run an own company, but it sure will be great when you know the right attitude.

The author is student of Degree Programme in Media
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