Close deadlines: WSYA (June 27) EUROPRIX (July 30)

Deadline for World Summit Youth Award submissions is already on Sunday. Online Projects can be entered in one of the six categories, which are directly linked to the eight UN Millennium Goals. Winners will be celebrated in New York in autumn. So if you know any project by people under 30 promoting a better world, ask the producers to register online now.

The categories:

  1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease !
  2. Education for all !
  3. Power 2 Women !
  4. Create your Culture !
  5. Go Green !
  6. Pursue Truth !
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EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards, is the contest for students and young producers in 9 categories. The 20+ nominee teams will be invited with expenses covered to EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival in Graz in November. (Twenty of our IMP-students will be as well.) Deadline for registration is 30th July,.

The Categories:

  • Online / Web Projects
  • Offline Projects / Interactive DVD
  •  Mobile Contents & Applications
  • Games
  • Computer Graphics & Design
  • Interactive Installations
  • Online & Digital Video / TV
  • Content Tools & Interface Design
  • Animations
EUROPRIX Special Awards for:
  • Innovative multimedia concept
  • Project with the best business potential
  • Most creative design
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|||TAMK is partner of both campaigns.