Text and pictures: Johanna Peltola
For some strange reasons I was always bound to believe that flash is something one should avoid in photography. Alexander Lembke’s three-day-workshop Fiat Lux – Let there be light, concentrating on flash photography, took place on international week in May and opened up new spheres for me.

Whether artificial or natural, light is an essential part of any photo. Lembke’s workshop answered to several questions asked by many even professional photographers. He gave us a lot to think about and a good basis for developing as a photographer. Creating the intended atmosphere in a photograph can be done in several ways by altering the lighting. Cool tips & tricks for optimal usage of flash will keep us playing with our cameras and flashes for long time to come.

The students learned not only the different techniques of using flash but they also had to face a completely new side of themselves. The workshop’s last assignment “Flash Attack!” really put the students’ ethics to the test. Courage was needed when students were sent to the field to take close-ups of random people around the city in the darkened night and of course, using flash. Some of us were wilder, some more shy. The students managed to shoot strangers rather successfully despite the “uncomfortable” circumstances. The task also provoked a long fruitful conversation with themes of privacy and individual’s rights, what we are allowed to do as photographers for the sake of art and where do we draw the line.
Professor Alekxander Lembke (Bauhaus Universit├Ąt Weimar) on right
Photographer Alexander Lembke’s works

If you are into photography, with or without flash, be sure to participate in the open & free photography marathon Aika valotuksia in Tampere next Wednesday 9.6. (in Finnish)

The author starts her second year in our Degree Programme in Media in August