TTVO Backstage: Love is a Parody (short animation project)

Text and picture: Johanna Peltola
Love can come in an unexpected time and place whereas ideas might sometimes take longer to mature. The animator Amir Abdi had the story in his pocket for five years before he finally got a chance to carry it out. The first year in TTVO’s media programme entailed the course of animation & multimedia when Amir seized the opportunity.

The technical process took the writer-director and Johanna Peltola just about three months to complete. Adobe After Effects was used as a key software for pulling things together. More traditional artistic techniques were also used as the unique background scenery was hand painted with oil by Amir.

The team behind the project consists of five people including Amir’s older brother Hamed Abdi, who wrote and presented the enchanting piece of music.

The most valuable things are not always easy to notice in the middle of everyday rush and routine. We constantly lose ourselves in the flow of life and need unordinary bumps to get us back in control again. Love is a Parody is a story of unusual love that breaks the boundaries and changes the daily routines.

Acknowledgements go to our indispensable team who made the project possible.

The author starts her second year in our Degree Programme in Media in August|||
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Love is a Parody... from Amir Abdi on Vimeo.