Screening - 7 video works by our students in Helsinki

From Sleep of Reason, directed by Aino Suni
Alkovi Galleria
Screening - 7 video works
28.05. - 03.06.2010
Helsinginkatu 19, Helsinki

Students from Tampere UAS School of Art and Media present their works in a screening in Alkovi Gallery.

Janne Keränen, Outi Tiehaara, Aino Suni and Nalle Mielonen deal each from their own perspective the issues of revealing, finding and liberalizing. The pieces play with the interlacing of different levels of reality and of the crossing of those layers.

Laura Rytkönen examines the inner power relationships of a family in her video piece Family Act.

Päivi Viinikainen and Mikko Keskiivari present a video called BURN-IN that questions the borders of social conduct in a a work community.What happens when a child-like behaviour turns into reality as an acceptable solution.

Karoliina Paappa's A small study of Woe (Woe is me!) is a surrealistic animation, thru which she studies self-destructive behaviour in extreme situations.

The works have been made mainly as a part of a course of cinematic studies in the years 2009-2010. The instructive teachers for the course were Fanni Niemi- Junkola and Tellervo Kalleinen

Gallery Alkovi