5D2: games in 25 hours

Five people make five games in five weeks, working five days a week and five hours a day. Impossible? No. Challenging? Yes.

5D2 is continuation to the original 5D project, which was held in summer 2008. The format is the same, but the people are different. The point of this project is not to make awesome games (though they might be a very nice side product), but to learn about games and game production process. This is the reason why the project includes making five small games instead of one big one. You can explore the original 5D project at Score's website

5D2 members are Tero Koskela, Henri Kuismin, Jani Rissanen, Jori Kemppi and Eevi Korhonen. Our first game, Poltergeist!, was released just a couple of hours ago. You can go check it out yourselves here. Remember also to follow our project blog this summer!

Text and photo: Eevi Korhonen