A Group has been IMPD!

The design group the Interactive / International Media students formed in the end of last semester has taken its baby steps towards some serious action. Since the line will (hopefully) be from now on called IMP (previous years saw the Finnish versions), we changed the group's name to IMP Design, IMPD for short. This acronym gives some tickling food for thought and freedom for artistic expression also.

One of the first tasks we faced was to plan a channel which we could use to our advantage. We created an IMPD account to deviantArt where we post some artwork we’ve been designing and then commenting on each other’s works. Some really fancy pieces of work are already presented. Next we are going to pay a visit to a newly opening exhibition about Alien movies in Tampere Art Museum and arrange some more workshops and get togethers at school.

Story: Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo
Picture: Eisbrecher by West468 from IMPD Deviantart

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