First BarCamp in Tampere in Demola

In following Saturday January 23th there will be first BarCamp session held in Tampere right near you on Demola premisses starting at 10am.

BarCamp is a conference which is organiced by principles of open, user generated unconferences. Idea for BarCamping comes from Tim O'Reillys yearly FooCamp conferences.

What to except when you come to BarCamp:

There will be no agenda beforehand about presentations. Everyone is free to come with his presentation to site. One rule is that each one participate to sessions during and after the conference by contributing to wikis, websites, blogs, microblogs etc. Everyone will make presentation or otherwise is available for helping organizing the meeting for example cleaning. In the beginning of session participants write subjects of their presentation to whiteboard and timeslots for presentations are scheduled after that. There will be short introduction of principles on BarCamp in the morning.

Please feel free to come and be part of creative BarCamp community!

Hash tags on twitter, flicker, jaiku, younameit,... are #BCTMP and BarCampTampere.
Use them.