The Joy of Sussing Out - Apply to TAMK

The application period to degree programmes run in English of Finnish universities of applied sciences will start on Monday January 11th.

This is already visible in the streets of Tampere; Tampere UAS rallies the campaign with the slogan "Oivaltamisen iloa", the "joy of sussing out" on the posters in central spots of the city.

The merger of TAMK UAS and PIRAMK UAS is implemented today with the new year 2010. The new Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is born. Five degree programmes completely taught in English welcome applications until February 12.

One of the BA programmes at TAMK School of Art and Media, the Degree Programme in Media, works in English. The areas of application of this four year programme include web design and services, games, mobile media, multimedia, cross media and interactive installations.

More information:

Media Programme Home (also information about application and pretask)
TAMK Admission

You can read about the everyday life of the students of the international media programme reading posts labeled IMPs in this blog.

The application period for the degree programmes run in Finnish starts on March 1st.

Photo: TAMK poster in the front of the entrace to TAMK School of Art and Media