Artmedia Blog 2009 Report

Artmedia Blog started in September 2008, so 2009 was its first full calendar year. The blog had 11 868 visits, which is satisfactory for a blog with such a specified small target audience: people interested in art and media studies in Tampere. Our sister blog in Finnish had 41 728 visits. The artmedia blog published 139 posts, our Finnish TTVO blog 257. The artmedia blog had 8045 absolute unique visitors and 19148 page views.

Almost one half of the readers of this blog came from Finland, second largest audience we have in United States, third UK. The other top 10 countries are South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic and India. Top international cities are Seoul, London, Wigan, Prague, Barcelona, Uijongbu, Dublin, Singapore, New York and Berlin.

Searched and Found

More than half, 56% of readers came from referring sites, 31,5% from search engines. The biggest traffic source was Google, was second followed by Facebook and Networked blogs. During the last months also Twitter became an important traffic source. A lot of readers came also via our Finnish sister blog and Referring sites sent all together visits via 241 different web sources.

Top keywords used by readers coming from a search engine search were related to the film The Electrician, to media studies at TAMK and this blog. Fans all over the world of the band Jääportit found our article about their new album Voimasuo. Also posts about game education and the game development club Score and our events like Tampere Art Factory and MindTrek were often found via Google. The MA in Screenwriting Programme and the Reverse Graffiti exhibition of our fine art students got a high number of hits.

Most Popular Contents

The most searched and found persons were Maria Kaurismäki (Director of Sideline), Miina Alajärvi (Director of the Electrician), Anna Ciuba (Web Designer of Soundly Sleeping Dragon), Riikka Kuoppala (Director of Visitor in My Body), Hannaleena Hauru (Director of If I fall) and Hanne Zenjuga (Animator of "It Dwells in the Depths").

Also lecturers of MA in Screenwriting Marianne Connor, Laurence Davey and Colin Muir got many hits.

The most popular posts were "Results of Media Programme Entrance Test", "Pre-task for Media Programme", the posts about the Electrician and MA in Screenwriting, Guerilla Lighting, Reverse Graffiti, Jääportit - Voimasuo, TAMK Goes Green and Soundly Sleeping Dragon got a big audience. Also posts describing our Degree Programme in Media taught in English and the adventures of its students, the IMPs were very popular reading.

Source: Google Analytics
Pictured: Editor Arttu Salmi and director Miina Alajärvi of Electrician at Up-and-coming International Film Festival, Hannover.