Media students created future media culture in Liepaja

Our delegation of ten students and two lecturers has returned from the second two week Media Culture 2020 workshop held in Liepaja, Latvia. The first workshop was in Tampere in April.

Media Culture 2020 is an Erasmus Intensive Programme. The project demonstrates what 21th century converged and interactive European Media Culture could be. MC2020 breaks classroom and campus walls by creating open virtual learning environments where students from different countries and fields can explore and learn together.

You can find all projects done by the students, presentations by the lecturers and daily reports from both Tampere and Liepaja workshops on the project blog

The 50 participants in Liepaja and 40 in Tampere were art, film, media and business students from Liepaja University, Utrecht School of Arts, University of Vic, University of Lincoln and TAMK.

The project was started on-line by preparing the projects in teams and participa-
ting in on-line lectures. On the big picture the Dutch team at the Ubiquitous
Media lecture given by Björn Stockleben (third small pic fron left) in one of the
five Google Hangout plenaries. 

The main form of activity was team work, but ...

...there was also lectures and votes...

...and intensive debates.

Each team hosted their national cultural evening. Here team Latvia
members introduce traditional Latvian masks

Every day the teams presented the assignments and progress of their
projects to receive feedback

Freetime at last at the weekend. Exploring the old Russian fort in Karosta
On the second but last evening all seven teams presented their
projects to the international audience of the iWeek Festival in Liepaja
(Photo: Graham Cooper)

The last day was about finalising all the work and a long feedback plenary.
René Lansink (Utrech School of  the Arts) assessing students projects
with Graham Cooper (Lincoln University)

Incredible how fast two weeks can pass. TAMK students saying
thanks and bye at Riga airport.