All’s well that end well – Black Line video screening in Berlin

Black Line video screening in The Finnish Institute, Berlin 8.11.2013
By Hinni Huttunen

In the spring 2013 arranged video screening Strange Walls got a sequel titled Black Line. The screening consisted video works from current students, alumni and teachers.

Lecturer Minna Suoniemi and two final year students Hinni Huttunen and Elina Ylhäisi formed the working group of screening.

Minna Suoniemi (right), Elina Ylhäisi (middle) and Hinni Huttunen (left)
considering how to solve the technical issues. 

The theme of screening was heritage and it was observed from many different points of view. Some of the work focused on spiritual heritage and other works were based on the heritage we leave for upcoming generation: how we treat this planet and how DIY –culture helps to survive.

In the evening of screening things got heated when the working group encountered a senseless technical problem. All the technical equipment’s had worked well during a test play, two days before the screening. After four hours of testing and testing things seemed hopeless. The working group had tried to make the screening happen with at least 3 HDMI-wires, 2 beamers, 1 media player and 2 computers, and nothing helped.
The screening attracted full house of audience!

Finally the problem was solved in the way of a performance: moving image and sound were played from different computers. Minna Suoniemi beat time and Hinni Huttunen and Elina Ylhäisi tried to press play as simultaneously as possible to make sound and image sync. The lesson learned was that when technology plays tricks and doesn't work creative problem-solving method is the saviour.
In the end of video happenig there was an Q&A –section, where
the audience was able to ask questions from the working group

Both of the screenings have been successful and there has been lot of audience present. This time the audience included also some of the members of the board of The Finnish Institute in Berlin.
Working with The Finnish Institute has been rewarding and educational on both times.

Berlin is a very popular destination for art&media students - all kinds of activities have been there
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