EYA day 1: FH Joanneum, the city of design and festival opening

The second day of our field trip to Graz started with a visit to our partner in Graz: Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, the programme Information Design.

Thomas Radeke was the excellent host, here demonstrating a robot project

We have been partners over 10 years and the cooperation has included student and teacher exchange in both directions and joint projects in Game Design.
The seats used by students at Joanneum were tested and found appropriate
for creative work. "We need these too"

The first project SIG-GLUE run 2004-2006 (A Special Interest Group for the Game-based Learning in Universities and lifelong learning) We hosted in Tampere the Engage Learning Serious Games Summer School coordinated by Joanneum in 2010 and the Serious Games Development Summer School also organised by Joanneum in August this year. The next Summer School will be in Graz next year.
Our programmes are quite similar, but there are some differences other than
the lack of sofas at TAMK. They publish books, and our students were happy
getting some

In the afternoon a guided tour of the UNESCO city of Design was arranged by European Youth Award.

Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630) was a key figure in the 17th century scientific
revolution, best known for his eponymous laws of planetary motion,
lived here some years

Landhaus Courtyard (1527–1531) is the first masterpiece of the Italian
Renaissance in Graz

And finally the EYA festival was opened by Sigfried Nagl, Mayor of the City of Graz and Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of EYA.

A reception wrapped up the day, good chance for networking. The students of the 12 international teams met each other first time after working together on-line for several weeks. (Read more about the on-line project)

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