Liza Kinner writes about the birth of the MindTrek OFF - behind the scenes video. It is made by Liza and got its premiere at European Youth Award Festival.

This is a screenshot, you can see the video at the bottom

Back in April 2013, as an annual tradition, 1st year TAMK students were proposed to participate in a project for the festival of digital innovations called MindTrek and express their creativity.

The task was about building up and making an event / installation / exhibition, in short, whatever we wanted (quite broad) and implement it for showing during the festival time. Lots of meetings, talks, discussions and notes - in total, 14 weeks from the starting point to the final event!

Finally, the time has come during October 1-3d, the time for our debut, and us, 7 students, present the work done.

We all worked well and the team spirit didn’t let anyone down. Happily finished our task, we were full of impressions and thoughts, overall glad about our participation. And as a memory, we have this video of so-called “Behind the Scenes” process.

So many things to share that there wasn’t enough time to include everything (only the trip from school to our first destination can take over about 5 minutes!), but still, some of our team members have something to tell! Check out our 12imp fellows.

See the film: