EYA day 3: Media students exhibit, Our Right wins EYAward

The final day European Youth Award report must start from the end: EYA over all winner was celebrated at the end of winners gala last night. The winner was Our Right, the project to empower girls in the slums of New Delhi.

Head of EYA Peter A. Bruck, EYA winners Catalina Diaz and Ilena Saturay
and Director of Creative Industries Styria Eberhard Schrempf
The goal of Our Right is to empower the young women in the slum communities of New Delhi so they can utilize the power of media to address and question the poor conditions of public toilets in their communities, and demand better amenities from the local government. In the long term we hope this will empower them to be able to use their newly acquired digital skills, and knowledge of existing laws, to ensure that they and the people in their communities get full benefits of government schemes that is meant for urban people.

See the Our Right video

Saturday programme
Breakfast Bashing: How to keep going after the first success! With Niki Ernst, Mathias Haas, Adam Montandon
EYA World Café II: STORY-TIME: How to run your business successfully! With Isabelle Cholette-Bachner, Domagoj Dolinsek, Gerhard Greiner, Christian Kittl, Hartwin Kostron, Jürgen Pansy
Workshop sessions II: Digital Capacity Building with Rudolf Dömötör & Georg Fürlinger, Mathias Haas, Kirsten Kasch, Kerstin Kollmann, Pihla Rostedt.
EYA Dragon's Den: How to reduce energy waste in traffic
Dragons den was interactive, audience could give green or red cards
to presenters and dragons
Young Digital Academics: Inputs & Outcomes! (Finally our media students in spotlight)
The conference part of EYA culminated in an exhibition with the results of the joint on-line projects (see our earlier story) and projects by students from the universities participating in the festival from all over Europe.

Venla Linna presented the feedback to winner project Our Right

Carolin Büttner presenting Finlayson Open Exhibition and MindTrek OFF

Josef Pacal (right) introducing the Lumia 1020 project

FH Joanneum students let people test the Mind the Cat game, made in our
joint Serious Games Development Summer School in Tampere
Riikka Uhmavaara and Joel Forsman prepared to answer any questions!
The gala
All winners were awarded at the gala evening of the last day at Dom in Berg, a fascinating cave inside the mountain rising from the centre of the magnificent City of Graz 

The Gala is about to begin; our Media students eager to know which of
the brilliant projects will be the over-all winner