Networked Media Culture: EYA Festival 2013 and Thoughts / Part 2

“Interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.” This is networking defined by Oxford dictionaries. To be part of this captivating EYA event is to be talking to people from all around the world from various creative fields. EYA gathered us together to celebrate the 13 winning projects and to appreciate their efforts in using digital innovations to making high social impacts in relevant communities.

These project teams are made of people filled with positive energy and passionate vision, determined to make an impact to the society around the world with their knowledge and creativity. Their courage and hard work were much encouraging and inspiring to me. There was a Gala evening happening at Dom im Berg venue to honour the excellent projects. The evening was so much fun voting for the best project statement and I was very glad to have exchanged ideas and thoughts with many great minds in the festival. The evening in Graz was much worthy to be remembered and celebrated for gaining new friendships and networks.

EYA 2013 selfie at the Gala, Dom im Berg (Photo taken from EYA 2013)

I have also made a little project for myself in this festival, “3-minute with a stranger”. The idea is simply to pick a person in the EYA festival and get to know them by having them to tell about themselves, why are they in EYA festival and what was the impressions of the festival. Check out who I met in this post!

Me interviewing Niki Ernst at Gala evening, 3 minutes turned into
20 minutes! (Photo taken from EYA 2013)
Traveling and Graz
As a student of TAMK, I am eternal grateful for the learning opportunities given to attending this festival despite the long traveling journey involving 4 connecting flights in 3 airports, 2 midnight bus rides, train and tram and our two feet walking in the beautiful Unesco city of design and human rights. EYA festival even arranged a dedicated city guide who did his job wonderfully showing the best of Graz to EYA participants. I am glad that we were able to have time visiting the beautiful city with a castle on the mountain and chill out at the Xmas market, too!
City guide showing us Old Town of Graz and great stories about
Johannes Kepler and Graz

Conclusion: Everyone is a leader, or at least everyone should learn to be a leader
It’s always not easy to sum up my learning experience after an event and reflect upon it with my own progress. What was repeated over and over again is the word, change. Not changing within the same system, but rather transform. To always keep alternatives as an option, in my own words, to be versatile in problem solving or even problem seeking. And this process is done learning by doing. It happens all the time, every day, every moment and hence, lifelong learning. 

During gap time, I was reading Oivallus report concerning about the competence needs of learning networks in tomorrow’s Finland. It resonance very much with the EYA festival’s experience about learning competency and how people are looking into future. People have to define the content and the rules of their work on their own or together with others in a small group/ community. 

Education that promotes creativity adopts methods from work life: experimenting with others without the fear of making a mistake will be encouraged. Perhaps students might think there are many big words spoken but really, it is up to oneself to take the time to absorb and put into own context and make own learning. 

We are the change we want to be, and after the event I am positive that we are changing towards the better. Thank you all at EYA 2013!

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