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Story: Emma Kiiski
The Game Design Workshop - Part 1
The Game Design workshop is the coolest event for TAMK’s annually held online course in game design. The first day began with a short presentation of our dear Demola. After Antti Salomaa finished the PowerPoint (with some awesome information about upcoming projects!), our visiting game industry expert Gareth Noyce held a presentation about making games. He recommended the students to start to make games and showed some different ways how you can reach the topic. With Gareth there was also a game consult Lassi Kurkijärvi giving feedback for the concepts and pitches.
Gareth Noyce telling us about the different ways to make games.

The first ones presenting their idea was the team Well Played. They must have been excited to kick off the event from the student side, not knowing what to expect! They made a game concept about a dog sled and dog racing. We learned that you should make more research about the competition; it turned out that there is already an MMORPG about dog sledding. So better check out what already exists and do some research.
Gareth's comments were not as harsh as I had imagined. We were told before that some of the teams went off the stage crying previous years!
Well Played presenting their game mechanics.

There were some really cool and unique ideas in the Game Design teams in amount. There was for example a game about climbing. One team figured it to be cool to make a game about some sort of Frankenstein's monster that you can create and then wander around with it. Another idea was about a woodpecker that has to survive in the hard world and try to find a partner. That way the game had a really nice circle and you can always start from the beginning; the egg! The last but not the least the team presented us an assassination game with a lot of information about history.
Gareth and Lassi gave some really nice advice for us students about game development in amount. They both challenged the students to think their game idea through again and suggested improvements. Gareth also encouraged us to really make our own games since as students we have free time and you will need some demos to show if you’re applying to a job.
Lassi and Gareth discussing about one game idea.

The most awesome thing was something that also Johanna Lievemaa (10IMP) mentioned during the second presentation’s feedback round: This event brings programmers, designers and artists together from different campuses and even internationally.
Stay tuned for the second day report, will be written by Heidi Mäenpää! Also the photos are taken by her.
Special thanks to Toni Pippola and Pasi Pekkanen for organizing the course and to Gareth Noyce and Lassi Kurkijärvi for giving such constructive feedback!

Emma Kiiski is running Score Game Development Community, also a student of our Media Programme.

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