After Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan 2011

Story: Ikuko Ishida
Now I exhibit my photos which I have taken in earethquakes and tsunami-hit places from May to July this year, at entrance space of Finlayson campus. The exhibition lasts until 23rd December.

When I came to Finland in August, I wanted to talk about the disaster but when I talked, they usually became quiet and I felt that I broke good atmosphere among foreign students who were excited with the first stay in Finland. So I couldn't find a good way to convey what I was thinking of and just time went on.

In class of Media Studies, my group gave a presentation about News. When audiences were giving presentations about how they should convey tsunami news through internet, radio and newspaper and so on, it was really hard for me to listen to them. Because there's no reality in their presentations at all and they thought of tsunami too easy. I couldn't understand why they were indifferent to that disaster though some of them wished working on media companies or so. I was really frustrated with my presentation too, because time was too short and I couldn't say enough. This class was also one of reasons which I decided to exhibit my photos.

Still I don't know why I want to talk about what I felt and what happened in the disaster. I don't think you should donate or do voluntary work for my country. And I know it's difficult to know and keep interested in everything all over the world. Even though I lived very far away from the disaster place and I didn't lose any friends or relatives, it was so shocking for me. Problems of nuclear plants of Fukushima have not been solved yet and many people in the disaster places have not got jobs, but people even in Japan are forgetting the disaster. Through the exhibition I want to make beginning for people to know and think of the disaster and I want to talk with people. Through the disaster I have heard a lot of good parts and bad parts of human behavior and saying, so I think this disaster is a lesson for human beings.

I want to give presentation about the disaster somewhere and someday. Next year I live in Tampere for a while. If I can use a projector and a computer, it's enough. Especially it's important for media students to know how SNS, newspaper,TV and radio functioned in the disaster. And I also want them to know there's a big difference about media between the disaster places and outside the disaster places even in the same country.

If you have questions about photos or the disaster, please ask me anything. 
And you can see other photos of earthquake and tsunami, in my flickr.
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