Finnfoto 2011 Award winner: Juha Suonpää

The head of our Degree Programme in Fine Arts Juha Suonpää is awarded with the Finnfoto 2011. The Union of Finnish Photography Associations grants this annual award to a person or an organisation who has had a significant impact on developing Finnish photography as an art form and promoted the appreciation of photography.

Juha Suonpää analyzing photographs with students Elise Mäkitalo and
Liina Mäki-Patola. Photo: Antti Haapio

Juha Suonpää is a photographer, researcher and teacher who graduated in education from the University of Tampere and gained a doctorate in art from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki. His doctoral thesis Petokuvan raadollisuus (The Beastly Image of the Beast, 2002) was a study of the social significance of nature photography. He is also well known for his earlier prizewinning books Metsä Liikkuu (The Forest is on the Move, 1994) and Luontokuvan totuuden hetki (The Moment of Truth in Nature Photography, 2001).

Juha's newest book, Valokuva on IN
(Photography is IN) was released earlier this year
His book in English and solo exhibition Sacred Places-Pyhät paikat took place at The Contemporary Art Museum Tampere 2007.

Juha is actively engaged in lecturing on photography, writing academic papers on related topics and arranging regular photographic exhibitions in Finland and abroad. He has also gained recognition for his children’s books, teaching materials and documentary films.