Antti Haapio: SEGUES in Gallery Emil Studio 2.-18.12.

Opening of Photo Art exhibition SEGUES by lecturer Antti Haapio was 1st of December 2011 in Gallery Emil Studio.

A theme of Segues exhibition is movement of the time. As a child I do
not stop to wonder what is behind a border where universe is expanding. What happened before the Big Bang. What time actually is - when it starts, when it end. Is time limited at all?
Photography is with special relation to the time. When a moment is stopped in to a photograph it give us possibility to analyse a flow of events. In the Art Works of Segues exhibition I test can I remove myself from the time when I take photos from same subject on different moments. Can I photograph time as if I am outside of the time? Is it possible in that way sketch something about a substance of the time, something what I do not sketch when I am inside the time? I guess I get a result when enough time has gone from the period recorded in the Art Works. Is this the situation now for example with triptych 2002?