Game Design & Game Party!

The Game Design Workshop - Part 2 (Click here for Part 1)
Story and pics: Heidi Mäenpää
The second day of our Game Design Workshop began with one of my favorite game ideas by the SuperSmash Foreigners. In the game the player is controlling drops of water on a leaf by tilting their smartphone or tablet. It's a shame that most of the team will go home after Christmas, all of them being exchange students. But I am putting my hopes on Klemen Krulec to make this awesome game ready before he leaves Finland!
The SuperSmash Foreigners with their game "Drop, Drop, Water Drop"

After the first presentation it was time for "Dash" by Liquid Jacket Studios. Their concept was a car racing game where the car is moving between different lanes while dodging other cars. I especially liked the 3D model Joonas Sairiala had done for their presentation's background!
Liquid Jacket Studios presenting "Dash"

The third game idea presented was our Voldbeat team's "Druid's Apprentice". The game is about making potions by collecting ingredients from goblins and becoming a mighty druid in the process... Here is a link to the game trailer we made (with the help of Lukas Kallenbach).

Our awesome Volbeat team presenting "Druid's Apprentice"
See Douglas joining us through the computer screen!

Next were the Wild Walrus Production's "Billy the Bearded Barbarian Boy", an adventure game with basic hack'n'slash and an interesting looting system, and Noname Team's "The Man Who Planted Trees", which is a game based on a story by a French writer Jean Giono with visual inspirations from its animation adaption. Both ideas were very interesting and it will be great to see how they will work out!
"Billy the Bearded Barbarian Boy" presented by Wild Walrus Production
Noname Team presenting: "The Man Who Planted Trees"
Lassi Kurkijärvi and Gareth Noyce commenting
Toni Pippola and Pasi Pekkanen discussing the presentations
Johanna and Emma took notes so that we wouldn't forget what had been said!

After two mornings and afternoons of game concept pitchings it was time to finally relax (gamer-style, of course). Me, Anna Narinen, Emma Kiiski and Andreas Heinrich went out on a crazy shopping spree to get food for the hungry game designers. And of course, we kept all the snacks healthy... Or somewhat healthy.

Yummy, right?
Anna chopping veggies
Table before...
Table after!

And what would a game designers party be without games? That's right, nothing! Unfortunately when technology is involved nothing ever works as expected. It took finally four people to get a sound AND picture come out of the lovable Xbox360. Thanks to the mystery tech wizard who finally solved everything out! Without him we would have been completely lost... Hours and hours of non-stop Guitar Hero was about to begin!
Emma observing the technology vs. game design students battle
from a safe distance
First, Guitar Hero showdown!
After playing guitars for a few hours it was time for DJ Hero!

Here are our workshop guests showing off their DJ Hero skills, and if watched carefully, you can also spot Klemen there holding every Finn's favorite drink...

Like Emma said earlier, thanks again to Pasi, Toni, Gareth and Lassi for the great workshop, I am sure everyone had a blast! And thanks to Gareth and Lassi for all the inside information about game industry, bug reporters, user testing and how to avoid eager reporters... I'm sure your advice will not go wasted

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