We are arctic and fabulous

From All that I Wanted

The Arctic and Fabulous film festival competition finalists have been selected. Out of 189 registered entries 20 were invited to compete in the professional's category and 24 in the student's category. Five of the chosen student projects are made by film&television and fine art students from TAMK Finlayson Campus.

Arctic and Fabulous is a Nordic Film Festival arranged by Nordic Glory Festival Association annually in Jyväskylä. The next festival will be February 10-13.

Our films chosen and invited:
  • Helvetin hyvää työtä / Whistle While You Work, Jussi Sandhu & Ville Hakonen, fiction
  • Perhepotretti / Family Portrait, Minna Korhonen and Nalle Mielonen, fiction
  • Niin paljon sinua halusin / All That I Wanted, Aino Suni, fiction
  • Syyslaulu /Autumn-song, Mari Aaltonen, experimental
  • Vallaton Minna Raitapuro & Arttu Salmi, document