Making Of The Poster

Tuomas Mikola demonstrating his princess pose in front of the IMP10 poster
Story: Johanna Lievemaa, Kristina Põldots and Heidi Mäenpää
Some of you might have noticed the huge and entertaining picture which has appeared on the wall in the 2nd floor hallway. The 10IMP poster has finally arrived.

IMP10 found out a way to make everyone love their poster. Number one: make them wait. Number two: make it massive. Who could pass this great poster and not smile? A big hand to our design team for the great idea and creation! But how did it all come alive?

The first idea that came up on our poster discussion was the classic Nintendo and soon we were all about retro Super Mario. We were all very excited about it and had a blast at the poster meetings. We designed the background and thought about what 24 IMPs could be doing in an 8 bit Mario World. We numbered the final poster sketch and  made everyone in the class pull a number out of a hat, not knowing what they signed up for...
Sketches for the poster (made by Joonas Nissinen)

We were also very lucky to have a professional photographer Stephanie Scharschmidt to help us with the photo-shoot and our Photoshop teacher, Tuomo Joronen, assisted us with booking the studio, fixing the lights and putting up the blue screen for the background. We got Cai Melakoski to pose as the main character of the poster, a hardcore Mario player (with a hint of madness in his eyes?).

Everyone began to find their rightful place

Eventually we started to combine the images, finally ending up with probably the biggest .psd file ever seen on Earth! The TV set itself also turned out amazing, thanks to the very talented Joonas Nissinen. As we cut the photos of our class mates in the team we learned a very important thing: technologies will not always be kind to beginners. The blue-screen background wasn’t even, the light tones had to be adjusted, Photoshop liked to anti-aliase already erased borders with random colors. So as you can probably imagine we ended up with quite a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it. Some professionals may disagree, but we gave our best and also learned a lot during the process. The end result is awesome and we are very proud of ourselves!

Johanna Lievemaa, Kristina Põldots and Heidi Mäenpää eagerly waiting for the poster to print

When we got to the printing part we were only three little girls against a printing machine as large as a small department store. It was great fun to watch our masterpiece come out, though finding a spot for a wallpaper sized poster was a tad problematic. And also the “tallest” ones were trying to hang it as high as possible. All's well that ends well, there it is and hopefully the blu-tack will keep it up in the future or we’ll have to find some heavy duty duct tape. We celebrated the finished poster with some home made muffins, or should I say, 1up cupcakes. Of course the happy looks on people’s faces when they saw our work was the best reward.

Who could resist these cupcakes that Johanna made?

Our amazing poster team members, who never gave up, were: Heidi Mäenpää, Johanna Lievemaa, Kristina Põldots, Joonas Nissinen, Joonas Sairiala,  Emma Kiiski, Camille Romano and Sabrina Seidl. Special thanks to our great photographer Stephanie Scharschmidt and our class The10IMP.

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