Eevi got the Golden Pineapple!

The results of the 2010 Golden Pineapple game design awards were announced yesterday. The selected Nominees were judged not only on what is displayed for the People’s Choice, but on all other aspects on the game design concept; gameplay, challenge, learning outcomes, budget, etc. In total, 20 entries were selected for review from over 70 submissions from 10 European countries. This was further reduced to the top three in each category.

Two of the the awarded games were designed during the EngageLearning Summer School at Demola, Tampere. The Summer School was organised by FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria and hosted by TAMK Media programme.

Sorting Rush by Jamie Myland, Eulalia Guiu and Anuja Dharmaratne won the category Best Educational Concept. "For the best Learning or Education game concept, the submission had to be unqiue, and be appropriate for the target audience. It also needed to make full use of the targeted platform."

Cyber Hero by Eevi Korhonen, Erik Ortman and Kenneth Swedlund won the Best Social Inclusion Concept Award. "The best concept for Social Inclusion needed to show potential in raising self-confidence, motivation to learn, and foster participation in a community or society in general and thus contribute to social inclusion into the knowledge society."

Sorting Rush also won the 'People's Choice' Award with a margin of two votes to Cyber Hero.

Cyber Hero team member Eevi Korhonen is a student of our international Degree Programme in Media.

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