Christmas of the Arts

The Special Guest: Heart-a-Claus
Story and pics: Tia Tuovinen, Media '1002
First year students from all different study programs – fine art, television and media – united their powers in organizing a memorable pre-Christmas party last Friday. Christmas of the Arts was held in “the secret chamber” of 4th floor – a former classroom also known as Tarkovski. Few eager students set up decorative lights, music and video installations to set the mood. Christmas food like rice porridge and glögi was offered as well as other snacks.

The guests could express their inner (and outer) artists by drawing to the huge art wall that had been set up. A mailbox allowed people to write love letters or wish lists to Santa Claus, whose brother “Heart-a-claus” visited and handed out small gifts for lucky, often attractive, artists. In addition there was a music quiz and casual socializing with classmates as well as unfamiliar people.

Apparently the party was a success and the organizers were not the only ones to enjoy themselves: the toughest partiers leaved school at 6 am. If only they had been studying...this event was another proof that school can be fun, too!