Visitor from Prague - Tomáš Bouška

This week we got a visit from the College of Media and Journalism in Prague. Tomáš Bouška is Vice-Director for External Relations and Communication of the college, and he is looking for international partners, because CMJ has decided to join the European networking community of higher education.

The educational programme of CMJ has been divided into three main fields: Journalism, Audiovisual and Digital Media, Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

I had a very good discussion with Tomáš Bouška and gave him a tour of our premises at Finlayson campus. We agreed to be in touch again when CMJ has joined the European exchange programmes. Of course Tomáš also got the invitation to Tampere Art Factory International Week April 11-15.2011.

Cai Melakoski

Pictured on our roof garden: Tomáš Bouška on right, Timo Malmi, information officer at the University of Tampere on left side.