Lep pozdrav iz Slovenije!

Merja Laine writes...

Greetings from Slovenia, Ljubljana. I have been here four months as an exchange student. For once I have had a good chance to enjoy a Real summer. It has been nearly +30 decrees almost every day. So you can gain a really nice tan.

I have paid attention that these middle Europeans like making out on a bench in the park. People are really hospitable, considerate and generous. And they all wear slippers inside the house.

Dober dan! = Good afternoon!
Nasvidenje! = Goodbye!
Hvala = Thank you
Glava me boli. = My head hurts.
Ti si umazan. = You are dirty.

You'll get a long well with these phrases.

regards: Merja Laine, visual arts-06This is a postcard from Merja Laine, Degree Programme in Fine Arts student. Merja has done her student exchange this spring in the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Ljubljana.

One of the best of the good sides of TAMK UAS is encouraging everybody to internationalise. All students who have progressed properly with their studies, can do an international exchange period. It is most practical to choose one of the TAMK international partner institutions in 40 countries, but it is possible to make an exchange elsewhere as well.

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