Meet Composer Michael Law

Looking at the credits of the short films made at Tampere School of Art and Media this and last year you notice that the composer is often Michael Law. This was obvious at Tampere Art Factory festival in May; the music score was made by him in six of the films screened. Michael Law has composed the music e.g. for Hera by Sanni Rajapolvi and Sideline by Maria Kaurismäki, both presented earlier in this blog. He has also done a lot of projects that are not related to our school.

Already as a child he knew he would work in film business. At the age of 12 he started composing, first game music, but later mainly film music. Today he has studied sound design at TAMK School of Art for two years, so he is half the way to graduate as Bachelor of Culture and Arts.

At his webpage he comments admission to School of Art and Media:

"I'm thrilled I got in! It's like my dreams are actually really starting to come true! It will be great to handle both music and sound professionally before making a jump into the big business :)"

You can learn more about Michael Law (his real name is Miro Laiho) and listen to his works at his website.
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