Romka-97 by Anastasia Lobkovski on Channel 1, Sunday

Romka-97 shortfilm (13 min.) YLE TV1
Sunday 7.6. 14:15 - 14:30

Next Sunday YLE channel one shows Romka-97, a film written and directed by Anastasia Lobkovski, graduate (2007) from TAMK School of Art and Media.

Romka-97 is a short film about a 9-year old Romka and his best friend Dinka.
The story is placed in Saint Petersburg, Russia and is based on real characters of writer`s childhood.

Romka`s father smuggles animals for living and Romka gets payed for helping in his father businesses. Romka feels he`s not being loved by his father and rebels.

Romka-97 is a story about friendship and first love.

The film is the Bachelor's Thesis of four students from the Degree Programme in Media:
Anastasia Lobkovski (Script writer, director)
Jenni Ranta (producer)
Jaakko Slotte (Cinematography)
Antti Hirsiaho (Editor and composer)

The film has been invited to several international film festivals. For further information, consult Anastasia Lobkovski web site below.

Photo: Dinka (Anastasia Teplyakova) and Romka (Dmitry Filimonov) Photographer: Jaakko Slotte

Anastasia Lobkovski
Romka-97 at Facebook
Romka-97 trailer (Vimeo)
Romka-97 trailer (YouTube)

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