The Electrician's Busy Film Festival Summer

The Electrician, a film directed by Miina Alajärvi and result of cooperation between TAMK School of Art and Media and the School of Media, Music and Performance of the Salford University has got really busy after the premiere in Tampere and Salford this spring.

The Electrician was invited to the Nordic Youth Film Festival NUFF in Tromsø, Norway June 6-15. The FEST International Youth Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal starts today and will run until June 28, the Electrician will be screened in the competition on 26th. And finally, the Electrician is invited to the non-competitive programme of Fresh Film Fest presenting the most significant student films to date. The festival will be held August 12-16 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

The Electrician is a story about an electric chair executioner, Marvin, who becomes unemployed when the government decides to prohibit capital punishment. Marvin’s unique profession and job becomes illegal. Unemployment makes a big hole in his life and he doesn’t really know how to continue. He has to find a new way to use his exceptional skill: not feeling bad when people die.

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