TAMK Considered the Most Interesting and International UAS

TAMK UAS is the most interesting study place among the Finnish universities of applied sciences; this is the result of the imago research made by Taloustutkimus market research company.

The most approving assessments TAMK got for location (= Tampere), reputation as a study place, diversity of study fields and the appreciation by working life. "We can be most satisfied with the result, because these are exactly the factors that affect most the choice of the study place", says Ms. Aura Loikkanen, Development Director at TAMK. TAMK got also more often a positive than a negative assessment in the five additional imago factors.

The general estimate of TAMK was the second best, only the Police College of Finland got better scores. Taloustutkimus has done the UAS imago research annually since 2002, and every year TAMK has been first or second among the 28 UAS.

TAMK was number one in attractivity of study place and internationality and in the top ten in all categories.

Taloustutkimus interviewed 1504 persons in the age of 17 to 29 years in February 2009 for this report.

TAMK is the most popular UAS among secondary school students

T-Media Oy interviewed 5709 upper secondary school students about their attitudes on studies and working life. The most popular UAS was TAMK.

In the joint online application of Finnish universities of applied sciences this year the most attractive universities were Pirkanmaa UAS (PIRAMK) and TAMK. The both universities merge beginning of next year, so everything looks really good.

Want to study in one of the best UAS in Finland?

Application to Finnish universities of applied sciences happens trough a system joint online application. So if you want to apply for one of the six international degree programmes run in English of merged PIRAMK/TAMK in August 2010, you should fill in your online application between mid-January and mid-February next year. The exact dates will be set by the Finish Board of Education later.

The application website will be launched in September, so stay tuned, we will report everything and publish links in this blog.

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TAMK in English
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Degree Programme in Media run in English at TAMK School of Art and Media

Photo: TAMK main campus. The School of Art and Media works at the Finlayson campus in the centre of the City of Tampere