Tampere Art Factory Soon Ready for You

The second edition of Tampere Art Factory (TAF) is taking shape. You can already find the basic programme information at TAF website, and shortly there will be loads of more.

TAF is above all a demonstration of the skills and talent of the graduates and other students of the School of Art and Media at TAMK University of Applied Sciences, and their friends. This year also the music and media students of Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences contribute to TAF programme.

The main structure of both festival days, May 15 and 16 is the same, there will be:

  • Screenings of fictional short films, documentaries and animations. There are seven sets of screenings, each with its own titel like "This Story is True - Documentaries", "Escape or Decision - life is a set of choices" and "Tobacco, Booze and Wild Ladies - Music Films". A schedule of the screenings will later be published also in English.
  • Diskurssidisko – Fine art students' graduation exhibition at Art Centre Mältinranta and TR1 Exhibition Centre. Diskurssidisko has a website which will soon be published in English.
  • Games and web media at Demola
  • TAF lounge – music videos, animations etc. all day long
  • Clubs at restaurant Laterna both nights
  • much more
Also the workshops of the International Week of the School of Art and Media will present their results at TAF. Some 40 teachers and students from our international partner universities will attend the international week and TAF.

On Saturday there are two other events TAF is going to cooperate with, the Night of The Museums and the Markets of Possibilities of Tampere Social Forum. TAF will contribute to both with dance shows and performances.

Tampere Art Factory
The Night of the Museums
The Markets of Possibilities

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