TAF Presents Interactive Movies

TTVO Interactive Film Show 2001-2009
May 15 2pm - 3pm
Werstas Auditorium, Finlayson
Language: English
Admission free

One of the highlights of Tampere Art Factory is the TAMK School of Art And Media (TTVO) Interactive Film presentation performed by Dr Chris Hales.

Chris Hales has been teaching the secrets of Interactive Film design in our annual Interactive Film Workshop since 2001. Now Chris has prepared a 60 minute show with a collection of the most interesting outcomes of the workshops. He will also present one of his own interactive films.

Dr Chris Hales comes from the SmartLab, University of East London. In addition to his research work in London, he gives interactive film workshops in art, film and media schools all over Europe. The Cause&Effect Interactive Film Shows Chris does with Teijo Pellinen have been screened at more than 30 festivals. Cause&Effect has been shown in Tampere at Tampere Film Festival, MindTrek and last year also at Tampere Art Factory.

Interactive film show is a cross between cinema and live theatre, offering a programme of original short films which are designed to allow interaction from the audience.

Photo: One of the Cause and Effect shows at Werstas, Finlayson. As you can see, the audience does not sit silently, but does its best to interact with the film.
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