Feeling the Credit Crunch? Tired of paying off that student loan with measly freelance pay-checks? Think you were born for bigger and better things? Help is at hand! The EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards, Europe's biggest competition for young digital-media creators, is open - with the aim of addressing the financial crisis with creativity and innovation.

The EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards give students and young professionals the chance to be promoted and exposed on the European stage. The competition benefits those who want to know exactly how well their university coursework, freelance work or hobby-projects compare internationally.
Deadline for the 12th EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards is June 30, 2009

The categories:

  • Online / Web Projects
  • Offline Projects / Interactive DVD
  • Mobile Applications
  • Games
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Content Tools & Interface Design
  • Interactive Installations
  • Interactive TV
  • Digital Video & Animations
  • EUROPRIX Special Award for the project with the best business potential

EUROPRIX MULTIMEDIA AWARDS Winner 2008: Prizes will be awarded in each category, with an overall winner. Projects which are well-received by the jury will be awarded a Quality Seal in recognition of good work - a certificate which could make a big impression on future employers. In addition, 2009 sees a new, special award on the list - for the project with the most promising business potential.

Nominees will receive a host of benefits, including:
+ An all-expenses-paid trip to the EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival in Graz, Austria
+ Presentation of their project in the EUROPRIX yearbook
+ Unique networking and promotion opportunities throughout Europe
+ Cutting-edge software packages

TAMK School of Art and Media has close cooperation with EUROPRIX since 1999.
EUROPRIX is present at our Tampere Art Factory festival May 15-16.

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