Reverse Graffiti Art in Tampere Centre

Over centuries dust have arrived to cities with the spring migration of birds.

Dust have become the largest species in towns, and builds every spring incredible huge communities almost on every surface.

Dust is a well known disadvantage to city dwellers and especially allergic persons suffer from the vast prevalence of this brand.

This spring a group of artists decided to make something virtuous of this epidemic.

The Spring Cleaning Art Project aims at making the walls come into flower and to expose the other side of dust.

Ten young artists from Tampere participate in this event produced by Jukka Silokunnas, a fine art student from TAMK School of Art and Media:

Outi Tuomainen
Maija Kovari

Mika Ylinen

Martta Tuomaala

Petra Lukkari

Jussi Riihelä

Sampsa Kuha

Päivi Viinikainen

Karoliina Paappa
Jukka Silokunnas

The exhibition is seen in the pedestrian's tunnel leading to Satakunta bridge in central Tampere.

You can also enjoy the exhibition on video