EUROPRIX jury meets in Salzburg

EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards is a contest in nine categories for young talents (under 30) who create digital contents. EUROPRIX has been arranged since 1998 and has had participants from 34 European countries.

The Jury, with 13 members this year, is meeting these days at ICNM (International Centre for New Media) headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. During four days the jury has to identify the nominees and winners of the categories and the overall winner among the 338 entries. It's a hard job, and this time literally sweaty, the temperature in Salzburg is +31.

The TAMK School of Art and Media has been active in the EUROPRIX network. It has had a member in the jury since 1999. A lot of cooperation, joint conferences and workshops has been arranged as a part of MindTrek several years. The EUROPRIX gala was arranged during MindTrek in Tampere 1999.

The nominated EUROPRIX teams are invited to the Top Talent Festival in Graz November 27-29. The highlight of the festival is the EUROPRIX Gala. Parallell to the festival there will also be the Academic Network Conference for digital media lecturers from all over Europe.


Photo: Jury work is not only looking at the entries, it is also discussing and voting. Here Mirjana Peitler-Selakov (Austria), Kaan Oglakci (UK), Anya Shapira (Holland) and Sanneke Prins (Holland) consider which entries should be shortlisted for the Online/Broadband category.Photographer: Cai Melakoski