SCORE - TAMK Game Development Club

SCORE is the game development club created by TAMK School of Art and Media students one year ago. Score is member of the International Game Developers' Association IGDA.

Most Score members are interaction design students of the Degree Programme in Media. The School of Art and Media does not have a degree programme for game development, but there are several courses, especially for students of visual and interaction design which develop skills needed in game design. Participation in Score activities help students to apply what they have learned during the courses.

The relations between Score and the school are good. The school has provided Score with a club room or lab, the Supernova, with resources for game development.

Score members do game development. The biggest effort by now is the 5D project (see the link below), which was presented at the Assembly Festival in August.

Score was present at Nordic Game 2008 in Malmö. Score also arranged a successful gaming event for School of Art and Media students and friends in September.

Game Development Club Score
Score 5D Game Project
Score Report from Nordic Game 2008

IGDA Finland

Photo: Score Game Evening at the School of Art and Media. Photo by Vesa Antikainen