Postcard from Malaysia

Piia Pienihäkkinen sent a postcard from Malaysia. Piia is a fourth year cinematography student in the Media Programme at TAMK School of Art and Media.

"Greetings from HOT Malaysia!
My fourth month here is going to start soon. Weather is unbelievable, everyday over 30 degrees. Even thought the rain season is just going to end, little rain has only been refreshing.

I am studying some Malaysia language, TV production, drawing and photography here in the little island called Penang. Particularly the photographing has been an instructive course. But I am sure I would be taking photos all the time anyway, because the country is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

At this moment my Muslim friends are still having their Ramada. They can’t eat, drink or smoke during the daylight at all. And on Monday 29th of September here is going to be a big Raya celebration which can be compared to our Christmas.

School here started on July and this first semester is going to end in November. I am going to do some travelling during December and I will have a different Christmas with my parents in some jungle in Borneo. I will be coming back to Finland in January and hopefully will graduate soon.
So Happy Raya everybody and welcome to Malaysia! Selamat Raya dan Selamat datang ke Malaysia!"
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Photos: Penang Bridge is one of the longest on the globe, 13.5 kilometres. It connects the Island of Penang to continental Malaysia. In the background of the photo of Piia you see the famous twin towers in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.