Students visited the new Mediapolis Mocap studio

Mikko Karsisto explaining mocap

On Tuesday 3rd of February, our Media students got to see and visit the brand-new Mediapolis motion capture studio. Most of the students this time were first-years and exchange students attending the Game Design minor, and everyone was listening intently to Mikko Karsisto, who will be one of the people in the new company managing the studio.

Tuomo & Teppo

Teppo Nieminen of the Interactive Media students was brave enough to don up the mocap suit.

Of the teachers, Timo Kivikangas, Tuomo Joronen, Howell Istance, Antti Perälä and Carita Forsgren were attending the demonstration.

Howell in the middle

There will be a five-day workshop available in April 2015 for students who want to learn more about motion capture, taught most probably by Mikko Karsisto. So stay tuned for more info on this, if you got interested!

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