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Time is running more than fast and today is your very last chance to apply for the Music Production, Fine Art and Interactive Media study paths in TAMK!

Re-Check from this list if you prepared everything:

  • Pre-Task
  • Photocopy of the original secondary school certificate
  • Photocopy of official English, Finnish or Swedish translation of the certificate, if the original certificate is not written in one of these languages. The translation must be done by authorised translator and it must have authorised translator's signature and stamp
  • Proof of English language skills
More information and details on how to get the appropriate certificates and language skill proofs can be found here.
Find the Pre-Tasks from here:

Interactive Media
Music Production 
Fine Arts

Apply through 7.1.-27.1.2015!
You are still not sure if you should apply???? Tuomo Joronen and Antti Haapio - both teachers at the TAMK Mediapolis campus - tell you who they are and WHY you should apply to TAMK! TUOMO JORONEN
Amazing self-portrait by Tuomo
Who are you and what do you teach in TAMK?
Tuomo: I am the lecturer mostly concerned with Motion Graphics, Animation and Visual Design, I have a visiting card to proof that I am Senior Lecturer of Animation.

What background do you have?
 I graduated as Master of Arts year 2000 (after the long waited millennium-end-of-world did not occur). Already during my studies I worked as a freelancer, doing illustrations and animation. From 2001 to 2005 I worked as an art director in a new media company. Since 2005 my employee has been TAMK.

How did you start to work as a teacher in TAMK?
 Fresh and eagerly.

What are you teaching the students?
I will take this down to two things: "It is all about the content", "The most important thing is the feeling", And even if those two things occasionally contradict one another I stand my ground.

How do you like TAMK / Mediapolis
Tuomo: TAMK is a good organisation and to some extend Mediapolis is still a "work in progress".

What differs TAMK from other similar universities?
 Tamk has the best students!

What advice would you give for students applying to TAMK?
 Just be your charming self. ANTTI HAAPIO (picture coming soon)
Who are you and what do you teach in TAMK Antti: I´m Antti Haapio, a senior lecturer of photography. Plus photography I teach professional practices and production of fine art. What background do you have? Antti: After graduating from Lahti I worked in several Finnish newspapers as a press photographer. More than 20 years I have been active in local photography association Photographic Centre Nykyaika ( and during that period develop strongly international Backlight Photo Festival ( How did you start to work as a teacher in TAMK? Antti: In autumn 1996 I kept my first photo course in TAMK. That was a short course for students of lightning. I was asked to continue as a teacher of photography quite soon after that and in 1999 I got on for a lecturer of photography. What are you teaching the students? Antti: The answer one or: Come as you are. Little by little - day by day - try to be better artist and human being. And in a school you can do mistakes, but not any more in a profession. So don´t be afraid to try and test different things and be open mind. How do you like TAMK / Mediapolis? Antti: Culture section is little part of huge TAMK (and society in generally). Mediapolis can be an effective "tool" for culture to do the work giving legitimacy for it´s existence. But we must first find out what we are looking for. I guess this is not yet clear. Transfer of school from centrum of the City of Tampere to Mediapolis campus was a contradictory process. Fine Art education and an education in Virrat has been in difficult situation during last few years. All these things have influence for a planning process of Mediapolis, so I didn´t wait any very much of it. I mean it was not a peaceful and creative process. But the whole work and student communities did their best and took the situation quite easy, so we did it! We are here! After all I´m surprised how well things are and what kind of developing possibilities we have. What differs TAMK from other similar universities? Antti: Tampere is a little big town in the edge of Europe. But all you need are here near you. Peoples are open mind, so it is easy to come and be here. But TAMK is top-rated university in Finland, so it is difficult to get in. These things have influence to the spirit of TAMK and students of it. And that is something special. Mediapolis is something very unique in Finland and whole Europe. It is interesting to see which direction we can develop it. What advice would you give for students applying to TAMK? Antti: Check out what is the future in the field of art, music and media. Think about it. Apply to the school and do your best, because a competition is hard. Remember, we are interested in, how you see the future.