How many people applied for TAMK Art, Music and Media?

There was a marketing campaign for getting the word out for people to apply for out Degree programmes for Media and Arts (and yes, Fine Art's still alive and kicking, although it has changed its form a bit), and now we have got the results for how many applied AND did the pre-tasks:

104 for Fine Art
85 for Interactive Media
73 for Music Production

The teachers are now busy with looking at all the applications and putting them in some order, and in April 2015, the entrance exams will take place for those applicants who got an invitation. Good luck for everybody! As Cai Melakoski once said, we would gladly take all applicants, but we have limited financial resources - so some sorting needs to be done.

A very warm thank-you for Caroline Büttner and Noora Honkaniemi, who did most of the work for our publicity campaign, and thank you to Sami Lindfors for the great videos!

- CF 2015