Fine Art Students Are in da House – in the Palander House

12.2. – 2.3.2015 after the sunset
Address: Palanderin talo, window, the 5th floor, Keskustori 7, Tampere
At Keskustori market place in the very center of Tampere there is a house called Palanderin talo, at the 5th floor big window the video projections of the Fine Art Students of TAMK emerge after the sunset. The four videos made as team works show people as close-up shots in their everyday life.
Face  is a video about the beauty of the faces of people in different ages in different situations. Seen as next to each other people seem to be in a relation with each other but both in their own world.
Team: Konsta Koivisto, Isa Hedez, Jade Vesto
Untitled is a video about painting. Pink paint  spreads slowly over the screen. It points out that behind the window where the video is shown used to be an artist’s studio.
Team: Nicoló Arnoldi, Isa Hedez, Riina Haapakallio
After watching the video called Click you can never relax in front of your computer anymore. It shows what the hackers might see if they spy us trough web-cameras.
Team: Tommi Viljamaa, Mikael Seidler, Juuso Kuivila, Anastassia Bogdanova
Tuijotuskilpailu / Stareing Competition encages the viewer soon into competing who has got the real poker face. It is hard not to join when somebody breaks in to laughter. The team challenges people of Tampere to laugh more in public places.
Team: Lavinia Colzani, Nadia Karukoski, Veera Nelimarkka, Anniina Pasanen,Alexandra Mitiku, Julia Matinniemi

Text: Sari Tervaniemi 2015