Media and Fine Art students prepare joint exhibition

FOE - Finlayson Open Exhibition 
Tampere City Library Metso 
Opening January 13 2014

Last spring two Media students got then idea that residents of Tampere should have a chance to see the works of the young artists at TAMK UAS Art&Media Campus at Finlayson. Carolin Büttner and Markku Laskujärvi started the work to make their vision come true, and yesterday the exhibitors had their first meeting at our café.

The producers Carolin and Markku standing in the background

The 14 artists are students of our Degree Programme in Fine Arts and Degree Programme in Media. The exhibition is also international, the students come from seven countries.
After the meeting the artists visited the exhibition venue

Statement by the producers:
Finlayson Open Exhibition, an art exhibition showcasing the works of students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Finlayson campus, is arriving to the main library Metso.
The far-reaching exhibition gathers together animation and more traditional painting from over ten artists. Our aim is to leave a mark by showcasing the status of students at the Finlayson campus right now.

However, the themes or ways for expression are not restricted by any means because we believe this actually brings the truth on the table of what’s happening at Finlayson in the beginning of 2010’s. You are very welcome to the second floor of Metso starting from 14.1.2014.
Main library Metso is in the city center and has one million annual visitors