The English experience - Leeds Metropolitan University

By Laura Räsänen, 11 IMP

My studies in Leeds Metropolitan University, in the Heart of West Yorkshire, have started about a month ago. Leeds Met is a huge university with lots of courses for a media student to choose from. You can take a variety of modules from the areas of Games Design, Animation, Computer Animation & Visual Effects, Film Studies, Fine Art etc. From various levels of experience depending on your skills and interest. 

Choosing the modules can be difficult with such a variety to choose from. I came down to learning some 3D, animation, character design and concept drawing on the course of Games Design. So far the teaching has been good and the students are expected to be motivated and do a lot of work on their own time.

Modeling practice: getting down with the basics of 3Ds Max. 
A diner from the 50's in less than 1000 triangles.

On the character design class we learn a lot of useful stuff 
about the human anatomy, porportions, muscles, skeleton etc. 
Which has to be put in use in modeling/sculpting practice. 

My first ever encouter with zbrush and sculpting! 
Putting the stuff learned in the anatomy lectures in use. 
Getting there, getting there...

Perspective practice from the drawing and composition module. 
This module aims to teach some basics of concept art and design.
As teachers and lecturers we have quite capable people with various backgrounds and a vast knowledge on the current trends, programs and expertise on game industry. The tools used in practices are the common tools used in industry and I've learned a lot of useful things. The schedules can be strict and learning is fast paced but the effort is definitely worth it.

The campus area in an extraordinary weather (not rainy).

Like any British university (as far as I know), Leeds Met has a lot of choices for club activities as well. On the first week the new students are introduced to all the student run societies and according to your interest you can join the suitable one for you. There are sociaties for films, photography, rock music, animation, religion, sports of all kinds, environment and even for Harry Potter, so again you have a lot to choose from.
I joined the Games Society and for a membership fee of 5 pounds I earned my right to take part on the events organized by the society throughout my stay. The Games Society arranges game nights and gettogethers but also trips to interesting game events, for example a Play Expo in the city of Manchester, one hour train ride away from Leeds. Joining the societies is also a great way of meeting local people with the same interest and of course, networking.

Leeds is a good city for a student, there's a lot going on. The city itself is friendly and welcoming and people are nice and they will talk to you whether you want it or not. Not everything is perfectly organized, if at all, but with a bit of (ok a lot of) initiative you can get through the chaos of the first weeks, settle down and enjoy the education. If you're a hard working and motivated student, I can recommend studying in Leeds Metropolitan University.
Laura Räsänen, 11IMP