Written by Emilia Ewa Kwiatkowska
Have you ever dreamt about a smartphone which has a professional camera, where all options can be changed in manual mode, which images are sharp even in low light conditions?

Blogging in today’s life is one of the best ways to communicate with big communities hungry for knowledge and inspirations. Images can express everything, are worth thousands of words. 
Everyone wants to remember important moments and share some of them with others. Emotions, meetings with friends, new purchases, crazy nights, and beautiful views, everything from those and much more you can find at our urban blog on Tumblr. 

Nokia Pureview at *MindTrek OFF Festival 2013 is a project created by us, five young people who are using the Nokia Lumia 1020 for 6 weeks and share their knowledge and experience with everyone. The main goal is to promote Nokia’s new smartphone outside its traditional marketing channels.

We are going through all cameras’ features available on the Nokia Lumia 1020 and we use them in different conditions: night & day, rain & sun, outdoor & indoor, everything to show great images’ quality. We are also running a competition where you can win one of the Nokia’s phones. We invite you to follow us at live1020.tumblr.com

You can find us at MindTrek Festival 2013 where we will be shooting images all over the place. The checkpoints will be on Tuesday and Wednesday between 12.00-12.30 and 15.00-15.30 at Siperia. Do not hesitate to come by and try out new Nokia Lumia 1020! 

Here are few words about our international team members:
(The photos are by the team member introduced below. Find more at live1020.tumblr.com)

Garrett Fookes
Mr Fookes, hailing from South Florida, spends his spare time experimenting on the Internet and consulting new ventures. When he’s not dabbling in those electives though, you can find him dreaming up products at Yolkful, Inc yolkful.com. - @mrfookes

Elizaveta Potapkina
Elizaveta or just Liza, a classical artist and graphic designer, fond of different things such as photography, animation, music and art in general. Originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, she has been in Finland for a couple of years and now studying Media design at TAMK. Based on 2D, visualization and video making. - @lizakinner

Joe Pacal
Joe is a visual artist, style enthusiast and art lover. He is a Czech balancing between punk, classy and generally strange. He runs a design studio at porcelainkid.com - @porcelainkid

Emilia Ewa Kwiatkowska
Emilia is a visual artist who combines various media in her artwork. Through painting and photography she shows her world full of colors, details and symmetry. She loves to learn & experience new things what you can read on her blog: emirella.blogspot.fi - @EmaKwiatkowska

Robert Frankó
Robert is a student in TAMK Media program and on his way to become a visual artist mixing photography and illustration. Avoiding everything that’s stereotypical and in the comfort zone, living by the idea of less is more. - @RobeDroid

*MindTrek Off is part of MindTrek Festival 2013 (October 1-3), organized and produced by student producers from TAMK Media.